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Below the letter N you will find terminology starting with N. Over the years, we have defined and explained a variety of terms from netbook to NTFS to notebook. Below you will find a list of the previously realized definitions. Of course, the following list does not have a judgmental claim. Also, a claim for completeness is not given. On the contrary: we are pleased about your input in the form of a contact by email to editorial (at) it-service24.at.

Needless to say, we examine each incoming topic proposal editorially, describe the respective topic and usually integrate it into our lexicon within 24 hours. Since our glossary will be extended throughout the year, we will create a helpful know-how database that will continue to actively contribute to the definition of unclear terminology and to inform visitors.

However, there is no entitlement to admission; the recording is the responsibility of the editors. Please note that we do not advise you to work on hardware or software yourself, unless you have the necessary expertise or know-how. In case of doubt, please call a specialist in advance and involve him in the process to be realized.

Important: even with us, the Fehlerteufel can creep in; On the other hand, even with multiple editorial processes, you are never immune. We therefore ask that you contact us even if you discover an obvious error, a schematic ambiguity or an unclear relationship in our lexicon. We check every error message promptly and comprehensively, so that our lexicon can become a permanently relevant reference work.

Thank you for your help and enjoy reading!

Begriffserklärungen & Lexikon-Definitionen:

Kostenlose Analyse

Wir bieten eine 100% kostenlose und unverbindliche Analyse für einzelne Festplatten und SSDs !

Mit den Diagnose-Ergebnissen erhalten Sie eine individuelle Beratung sowie ein Angebot mit Festpreis für die Datenrettung.

  • Kostenlose Abholung innerhalb von Österreich
  • Kostenlose Analyse
  • Kostenlose Diagnose
  • Festpreis Garantie
  • Rücksendung per Kurier

Festplatten Tipps

Fehler Typen:

  • Logischer Schaden
  • Mechanische Fehler
  • Technische Defekte
  • Überspannung
  • Brandschaden
  • Wasserschaden

  • Hilfe bei Fehler & Defekt:

  • Festplatte formatiert
  • Festplatte wird nicht erkannt
  • Festplatte defekt
  • Festplatte ist vom Schreibtisch gefallen
  • Festplatten Fehler
  • Festplattencrash
  • Festplatten Töne
  • Festplatten Analyse