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Sophos Endpoint Security and Control

There are many threats on the Internet that the user should protect himself from when using a PC to access the Internet. There are free and paid software in this area. A paid version is available from Sophos. The manufacturer has a lot of experience in the development of solutions for the safety-critical area. For example, Sophos Endpoint Security Control in its current version 8 can be downloaded online.

Basic loading to Sophos Endpoint Security Control

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The program brings active threat protection with it. This works with a proactive GenotypeProtection and adds all the know-how from SophosLabs. In addition, the so-called HIPS technology is still being used here. In addition, a firewall has been integrated into the Endpoint Agent, which can block the unauthorized access of hackers from the outside. Thus, you can always work in a safe environment and block the dangers from the beginning.

Guest computers can be analyzed and then managed using Sophos Endpoint Security Control. Special attention is paid to a current protection and patch status before these devices can access their own network. The protection is also always up-to-date, because the updates are installed at regular intervals and also automatically. At the same time, care is taken to ensure that important data is not lost by mistake. For this purpose, a special DLP concept is used. The process of scanning is integrated into the AntiVir program, so no separate installation is necessary. Removable media can be allowed under control. Encrypted media can be fully authorized and other removable media are allowed only with read access. applications

An organization is possible by maintaining special lists. Managing Sophos Endpoint Security Control is not difficult either. Among other things, there is a console complete insight into security issues on the various computers. An automatic synchronization with the Active Directory takes place and at the same time, after an installation, all security products that are no longer up-to-date are removed. A cleanup via remote is just as possible as the reporting controlled after a fixed time. Guidelines can be applied easily and in just a few steps.

Support for Sophos Endpoint Security Control is also impressive. There are free updates at regular intervals and the support services are available to the user around the clock at leisure. It is one of the market leaders in this field, and of course the end user benefits from it as well.

Overview of features in Sophos Endpoint Security Control

The computer and at the same time the data are intensively protected with the software and without unnecessarily high costs for it. The protection is cross-platform and in a simplified form. It is also a centralized administration possible. The software has a complete package with different and sophisticated features to offer. A company and the home PC can be more than sufficiently protected.

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