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PC Inspector Smart Recovery

Once data is lost from which no backup has been made, the trouble is always great. It can not hurt if there is software that can recover data that was accidentally deleted or even broken. Rescue can be done on data that was on a memory card and is still there. This may affect, for example, digital photos taken with a camera.

Similarly, data can be saved from flash memory, memory cards or memory sticks. In this case, a suitable software always reads out the data medium and can in many cases completely reassemble lost data. For this purpose, the structure in a mobile storage must be carefully examined. A very interesting software in this area is PC Inspector smart recovery. The current version 4.5 of the software can be downloaded. The interface for the user is based on the menus in Windows. You must first select a volume and then select a location for salvaged data.

Basics PC Inspector smart recovery

The tool was developed for a free rescue of data on digital cameras. The software can recover accidentally deleted data in the same way as data from data media that have been fast-formatted. Pictures, videos or audio files that were once stored incorrectly can also be reconstructed very nicely. It is the product to freeware, by the various well-known storage media are also supported.

It is usually about removable media that can embed themselves with a separate drive letter in a system. There are some file types that are supported separately. This affects GIF, TIF, BMP, JPG and Canon CRW. Likewise, MOV, AVI, WAV and the formats are supported by various other manufacturers such as Kodak, Olympus, Fuji, Minolta or Nikon. With the current version 4.5 even the interaction is supported together with a so-called Pocket PC.

Conclusion and key data PC Inspector smart recovery

The software works fast and even a beginner in the EDP area can find their way around quickly. The operation can be very intuitive. Of course, there is no 100 percent guarantee that manufacturing will always succeed. But this is never the case with a free tool like this one. However, the rescue attempt with the help of PC Inspector smart recovery should definitely be undertaken. The current version 4.5 is also available in German. The author of the software is Convar. The setup file has a size of 6.1 megabytes and the tool is executable on all current operating systems from Win 98 and NT up to Win 2000 and XP.

Hinweis bzgl. Datensicherheit: der Einsatz von Datenrettungs-Software birgt Risiken. Die unfachmännische Handhabung sowie die Arbeit an originalen Speichermedien können irreparable Schäden verursachen und zum Komplettverlut aller Daten führen. Auch Daten, die vor dem Selbstversuch professionell wiederhergestellt hätten werden können, können dauerhaft physisch zerstört werden. Wir empfehlen daher, Tools ausschließlich im Privaten einzusetzen und Datenrettungs-Software nur dann zu nutzen, wenn Sie - im schlimmsten Fall - einen Komplettverlust riskieren können. Für Unternehmensdaten und wichtige private Daten empfehlen wir ausschließlich eine professionelle Datenrettung. Wir analysieren kostenlos und unverbindlich Ihren defekten Datenträger, Sie erhalten ein Fixpreis-Angebot für die Wiederherstellung. Zudem können Sie unsere Express-Datenrettung in Anspruch nehmen. Weitere Informationen erhalten Sie von unserer Kundenbetreuung unter Tel. 0800 8800 558 (kostenlos aus dem dt. Festnetz) oder via Anfrage Formular.

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