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For all standard operating systems from Microsoft, a tool for defragmenting the individual hard disks is already integrated. In addition, there are also some external solutions that are very practical in this area. One of these tools would be JkDefrag GUI. The tool can be downloaded in the current version 1.16 on http://www.chip.de/downloads/JkDefrag-GUI_28547463.html.

Basics to JkDefrag GUI

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If a clack of the hard disk can already be noticed and the access also takes a very long time, perhaps the defragmentation of the data carrier can remedy the situation. JkDefrag GUI can be obtained free of charge and has already been tested by various experts. It can be brought about with appropriate handling a significant profit in terms of Arbeitstempos. The status display of the tool was kept in the national colors of Jamaica and provides information about the status of a defragmentation. JkDefrag GUI is also available with German user interface.

If you want to defragment a hard disk with 120 gigabytes, it will take you well over seven hours to use Windows XP. If it is possible to identify a particular area that is inhibiting the system, then a tool could be used to explicitly select specific folders and files for defragmentation. It can be noticed that a defragmentation under Windows Vista or Win 7 still takes many times longer. Here should be planned with times of about 24 hours. The effort is worthwhile, however, since the system will then respond noticeably faster. JkDefrag GUI can also be used to selectively select individual folders and files, although it can also be compared with other tools here.

A load on the computer during a defragmentation can be limited. The process should not be interrupted. In addition, a little luxury in ads must be waived. There is no way to check if a defragmentation is necessary. Nor can the remaining duration of a process be spent. The process can be started manually on one side or on a fixed date on the other side. The program is very comprehensive and at the same time offers a very detailed help function.

The operation can be done intuitively anyway. In part, the options are difficult to understand and the window in which they run tends to be hackers. The system should have at least one processor with a gigahertz and at the same time 1024 megabytes of RAM should be available.

Conclusion and key data JkDefrag GUI

The tool is free of charge and already in various tests, a significant gain in speed has been found. However, the operation is sometimes complicated and when opening the log, the software tends to crash. There may well be other tools for comparison. Currently the tool is available in version 1.16 and Emiel Wieldraaijer is named as author. The tool can be used with a German user interface. The setup file is about 3.1 megabytes in size and can be used on all systems from Win 2000 and XP up to Win Vista and Win 7.

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